30 juin 2015

More countryside pics!

A little walk round the local lake on a sunny evening.. love all those shapes and colours!
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15 juin 2015

Afternoon near St Sulpice

A lovely afternoon sketching with Laurence and enjoying the Preniac vibe again, this time just 10 minutes up the road.
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10 juin 2015

Collage at Studio Preniac

Some of the collages I made with Cas Holmes during the week... now just got to finish them off!!
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07 juin 2015

Studio Preniac and Cas Homes again!

Another great week doing textiley things in the Lot.. this time completely hands free.. so lots of early morning walks and sketches, chilling by (and in) the pool, evening drinks and most importantly lots of time faffing around with lovely bits of paper and fabric in great company... who could ask for more!
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